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China is the first to express the scope of the forbidden to
Time: 2018-01-18
The Xinhua news agency Xinhua (reporter Zhao Wenjun) "express cigarettes can not exceed two, blood products cannot be delivered". In January 19th the reporter learned from the State Post Bureau, the State Post Bureau and other departments jointly issued the "Prohibition of delivery of goods, management regulations", this is the connotation of the concept in China for the first time explicitly prohibit the delivery of goods.
The new regulations from the scope of application and other aspects of the prohibition of delivery of goods to make normative requirements clear, a ban on the delivery of goods and catalog. Harm national security, disturbing social order and social stability of all kinds of goods, explosive, flammable, corrosive, radioactive and other items to endanger the safety of other goods delivery, delivery from the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations, all belong to the scope of delivery of goods prohibited.
The national post market supervision department safety supervision department director Xia Xindong said that the new regulations take full account of the characteristics of the delivery channel security management, the prohibited items clearly defined the scope of. At the same time stressed delivery users send a duty, for violation of the prohibition of delivery of goods, increase accountability efforts. If the delivery enterprise illegal acceptance behavior, and causing serious consequences, will likely face a maximum fine of 500 thousand yuan administrative penalties.