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The national development and Reform Commission issued a Bull
Time: 2018-01-18
In the afternoon of February 4th, the national development and Reform Commission's official website posted the Announcement No. first of 2017, announces the specific contents of the 2016 edition of the catalogue of key industries and services of strategic emerging industries.
The directory is to implement the "13th Five-Year" national strategic emerging industry development plan ", to guide social resources into 8 industries, involving 5 major areas of strategic emerging industries (related services listed separately), 174 sub directions of the 40 key directions, nearly 4000 sub products and services. Among them, biomedicine related industries include two parts of biological medicine and biomedical engineering. The specific contents are as follows:
Biopharmaceutical industry
New vaccine
Hepatitis, malaria, tuberculosis, AIDS, hand foot and mouth disease, such as major or new infectious disease vaccines, genetic engineering vaccines, nucleic acid vaccines, and other new vaccines. Zoonosis vaccine and therapeutic vaccine against tumor, autoimmune disease and chronic infectious disease. Influenza DPT (acellular), chicken pox, measles, hepatitis A, polio and other traditional vaccine upgrading and combined vaccine. New dosage form oral vaccine, inhalation vaccine.
Large scale culture of vaccine antigens, vaccine antigen purification technology, new technology of protein purification and production, vaccine safety and immunity related technology, freeze dried vaccine heat protection technology and vaccine quality rapid evaluation technology and method.
Biotech drugs
The treatment of malignant tumors, autoimmune diseases, nervous system diseases such as refractory disease and for antibody drugs emergency prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, low immunogenicity, good stability, strong targeting, long-term, biological genetic engineering of high protein drugs. Cell therapy products and gene therapy drugs for refractory diseases such as malignant tumors. Specific immunoglobulin and other products. Blood products that are beneficial to the improvement of plasma utilization.
The scale for expression of genetic engineering drugs, antibody drugs, nucleic acid drugs, stable cell line construction technology and other production technology, protein engineering, chemical modification, long-term, sustained and controlled release of biological agents, the new vaccine carrier, adjuvant, capping agent and cell therapy technology.
Biopharmaceutical service
According to different types of innovative products such as chemical drugs, biological products, Chinese medicine and medical devices, the contract study of preclinical research and clinical trials (CRO) is targeted at obtaining the listing license. The contract production of different sizes of raw materials, excipients and preparations (CMO). Collection, preservation and utilization of biological resources (including human, animal and plant and microbial resources) and other special sample libraries (compound library, cell bank, antibody library and other biological element library). Biological information system (genome information, proteomic information, system biology information, etc.) and database establishment, maintenance and exploration and utilization services, bio big data, medical health big data sharing platform. Specialized technical services such as gene sequencing, drug screening, experimental animal models, and large-scale transgenic plants and plants. The supply, maintenance and inspection and monitoring service of laboratory equipment and reagents. The design, construction, maintenance, approval, and monitoring of the biosafety laboratory and the GMP production workshop. For personalized health care and precision medical gene detection services, online and offline combination of intelligent diagnosis and treatment ecosystem, for the treatment of major difficult cases of bio therapy services, based on Internet of things technology and other community and family remote health management services.
Biomedical engineering industry
Medical imaging equipment and services
Medical imaging equipment. Including multiple multi slice spiral computed tomography (CT), permanent magnetic resonance or high field superconducting magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), magnetoencephalography (MEG) and functional near infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS), positron emission tomography (PET), high performance ultrasonic imaging (USI) and the integration of multi modal mixing imaging equipment; high performance electronic endoscope / mirror (ES) (such as endoscopy, laryngoscope, bronchoscopy, laparoscopic, arthroscopic etc.) and ultrasound, optical coherence, fluorescence and confocal composite modal imaging system; high performance digital radiation imaging (DR) and digital angiography (DSA), and gastrointestinal, breast, bladder oral specialist digital radiation imaging; portable, portable, mobile, automotive and other multi-functional medical imaging system and its supporting equipment.
The core components include high field superconducting magnets, Superconducting RF surface coil array, MRI cryocooler, high heat capacity of X-ray tube, fast multi row CT detector, amorphous silicon / oxide plate X- ray detector, magnetic compatible digital solid PET detector, high-density array ultrasonic probe, low dose detector and other core components and its key technology.
Medical imaging service. Including remote image diagnosis, mobile image diagnosis and treatment, third party medical imaging center and other services related equipment and technology.
Advanced treatment equipment and services
Cancer treatment equipment. Including real-time motion tracking, image guided, conformal and intensity-modulated and other advanced features, proton linac / heavy ion cyclotron radiation therapy system and accurate treatment planning system; magnetic induction, high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), RF, microwave, argon helium ablation, tumor hyperthermia, etc. cryotherapy apparatus and treatment monitoring system; boron neutron capture therapy and drug targeting system.
Surgical treatment equipment. It includes intraoperative localization, intraoperative imaging, intraoperative monitoring, image navigation and other information systems. Digital and integrated surgery, interventional therapy and intraoperative treatment.