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The development of drug distribution plan in 13th Five-Year
Time: 2018-01-18
December 29th, learned from the Ministry of Commerce, the national drug distribution industry development plan (2016-2020) release, the plan, by 2020, the development of circulation industry to adapt to the basic health needs of drug fully completed the overall goal of a well-off society and people's growing, the formation of the modern medicine circulation system with unified and open, competitive and orderly, network layout optimization, the degree of organization and the circulation of high efficiency, safety and convenience ", the benefit of the masses.
The plan also identifies specific targets to foster a large number of drug circulation enterprises with a network of networks covering the whole country, intensive and informational. The annual sales volume of top 100 pharmaceutical companies accounted for over 90% of the total drug market. The annual sales volume of top 100 pharmaceutical retail enterprises accounted for more than 40% of the total retail market, and the retail sales rate of drugs reached more than 50%.
The plan is put forward to improve the concentration of industry. Encourage drug circulation enterprises to strengthen and expand through mergers and acquisitions, listing and financing, issuing bonds and so on, so as to accelerate scale, intensive and modern operation. Supporting small and medium-sized pharmaceutical circulation enterprises, developing purchasing alliance and drugstore alliance, adopting joint purchase and distribution, unified distribution and other ways to reduce operating costs and improve the degree of organization. Encourage the integration of wholesale and retail, chain operation, development of many types of mixed management.
The plan also proposed to improve the level of circulation management and build modern pharmaceutical suppliers. Optimize the management of drug supply chain. Support the drug circulation enterprises strengthen the supply chain management, improve the drug supply chain integrated system, providing market development, price negotiation, online payment, financial support and other value-added services and integrated solutions to the supply chain, accelerate the development of the transition to the drug supply chain service provider. The use of modern information technology, cloud computing and big data, integrating pharmaceutical research and development production, circulation, the change of disease spectrum and patient health needs and consumption habits and other data, strengthen the management of large data, analysis and application, for the mechanism of drug development and production enterprises to judge the market trend, the adjustment of product structure and medical institutions to improve medication selection, strengthen the rational use of drugs, to provide valuable data to support, improve the operation efficiency of the supply chain of drugs.
Planning stressed that promoting the "Internet plus drug circulation". We should promote the wide application of information technology such as mobile Internet and Internet of things in the field of drug circulation, encourage enterprises to carry out Internet based service innovation, enrich drug distribution channels and development mode. Support pharmaceutical circulation enterprises and medical institutions, medical insurance departments, e-commerce enterprises to cooperate in the development of pharmaceutical e-commerce services, to provide patients with OTC drugs, such as "network ordering (Pharmacy) store", "network ordering (drug) store delivery" and other convenient services, to promote the integration of online and offline development.
The planning also supports the development of enterprises. Support drug circulation enterprises to carry out various forms of international exchanges and cooperation, participate in the international division of labor supply chain, and improve the level of international development. National service The Belt and Road "strategy, the development of the" The Belt and Road along the country's pharmaceutical market, to carry out medical investment cooperation with related countries. We should give full play to the role of the pharmaceutical exhibition economy in opening up the international market, and enhance the international reputation and reputation of domestic enterprises. To build an international cooperation platform and actively participate in global public health assistance. We will promote the establishment of international standards and certification system of traditional Chinese medicine and expand the international market access of traditional Chinese medicine through bilateral negotiations. We should vigorously develop the trade in traditional Chinese medicine services, take medicine with medicine, expand the scale of Chinese medicine market and improve the international influence of traditional Chinese medicine.
According to statistics, China's medical e-commerce has been growing at a high speed for 6 years. The CMH data showed that the size of the online pharmacies in 2016 is expected to reach 16 billion yuan, 45.5% year-on-year, and a single increase of 4 billion yuan. A shares of nine medical, Kyushu and other listed companies, involving medical wisdom related business. (source: Securities Times)