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Top10 varieties and enterprises leading the Chinese biologic
Time: 2018-01-18
"13th Five-Year" plan. Biotechnology drugs, new vaccines, new cell therapy preparation and many other innovative drug category as a key development category of China's bio pharmaceutical industry, to increase the innovative drug biological support, therefore, biological products China market ushered in a new stage of development.
At present, the market of Chinese biologicals is relatively small. According to CMH monitoring, 2015, the total scale of domestic biological products is 121 billion 178 million yuan, accounting for 8.15% of the domestic drug market, up 5.1% from 2014. With the progress of biotechnology and the promotion of national policies, the development of biological products is increasing in the pharmaceutical industry, and the share in the whole drug market has increased steadily. It is expected that in 2016, the market size will reach 135 billion 62 million yuan with a growth rate of 11.5%, and 9.16% in the domestic drug market.
TOP10 varieties of biological products in 2015
According to the monitoring data of CMH, the total scale of biological products TOP10 in 2015 is 55 billion 618 million yuan, which occupies 45.90% of the market share of biological products. The details are as follows:
NO.1 monalsialic acid four hexose ganglioside sodium
The single sialic acid four hexose ganglioside sodium ranks the top for many years. In 2015, its sales volume was up to 9 billion 932 million yuan, occupying 8.20% of the biological products market share, up 7.34% compared to 2014. Among all the production enterprises of monalsialic acid four hexose ganglioside sodium, Qilu pharmaceutical sales were the highest, with a market share of 52.73%. In addition, annual sales of over 1 billion and Harbin Medical University, Sihuan pharmaceutical two pharmaceutical companies, sales of billions of dollars of the 5 companies, namely Beijing race liter Pharmaceutical Group, Argentina Tai Chi, TRB, Jilin united and Brazil European Pharmaceutical biological pharmacy.
NO.2 Human Albumin
Human Albumin belongs to the blood and hematopoietic system. In 2015, the market scale was 8 billion 200 million yuan, which increased by 8.62% in 2014. In all production enterprises Human Albumin, the annual sales volume of over 1 billion only two companies, respectively is CSL biotherapies (market share 22.27%) and Baxter (15.48% market share).
NO.3 calf blood deproteinized extract
As a drug to improve cell energy metabolism, the protruding effect of calf blood to improve cell energy metabolism is widely concerned at home and abroad. The amount of drugs used in 2015 was 6 billion 626 million yuan, which was down by 9.81% over the same period. In all the production enterprises of calf blood protein extract, Fuxing Group occupies 60.69% of the market share.
NO.4 thymus five peptide
The thymus five peptide is an antitumor and immunomodulator. In 2015, its market scale was 5 billion 4 million yuan, up 0.24%. Among all the manufacturers of thymic five peptide, the top three were Beijing Shiqiao, Beijing double heron and Hualong biopharmaceutical. Three enterprises accounted for 57.77% of the total market share, while the annual sales of over 1 billion were only Beijing Shiqiao.
Recombinant human insulin (premixed) with NO.5 arginine
The recombinant human insulin (premixed) indications for the treatment of diabetes. In 2015, Novo Protamine Recombinant human insulin (premixed) drugs amounted to 4 billion 808 million yuan, occupy 3.97% of the market share of biological products, an increase of 2.67%, the market share reached 68.99%, Novolin 30R, Novolin 50R was 31.01% in Protamine Recombinant Human Nordisk insulin market occupied the absolute leading position.
NO.6 snake venom hemagglutinin
Snake venom hemagglutinase is a drug used in blood and hematopoiesis, which can be used to reduce bleeding or stop bleeding and prevent bleeding. In 2015, the amount of drug use was 4 billion 686 million yuan, the market share was 3.87%, and the increase was 0.58%. In all production enterprises of hemocoagulase in the top three are Penglai Nuokang Pharmaceutical (Baquting), Beijing Kangchen Pharmaceutical (Su Ling), Fosun Group (Bang Ting), with annual sales of over 1 billion, the cumulative occupy hemocoagulase 83.98% market share.
NO.7 complex coenzyme
Compound coenzyme is a drug of cardiovascular system. In 2015, the combined coenzyme sales amounted to 4 billion 625 million yuan, the market share accounted for 3.82%, the increase of 2.37%. The Beijing double Heron pharmaceutical industry was the main production enterprise of the compound coenzyme.
NO.8 thymus method
Thymus method is a new antitumor and immunomodulator. In 2015, the new sales of thymus method reached 4 billion 239 million yuan, and the market share accounted for 3.50%, and the increase was 11.83%. In the thymalfasin all production enterprises, the top two are Italy Patheon Italia S.p.A (Ri Daxian), Chengdu Di'ao (Mai Puxin), 2 companies with annual sales of over 1 billion, a total of 79.97% share of the market.
NO.9 brain protein hydrolysate
In 2015, the sales of brain protein hydrolysates reached 3 billion 831 million yuan, and the market share accounted for 3.16%, which increased by 0.58% over the same period. In all production enterprises of brain protein hydrolysate, the top three are Yunnan Mengsheng pharmaceutical, Kazakhstan, Shanxi Sanlian pharmaceutical PUD pharmaceutical, three companies accounted for 64.94% of the total market share.
NO.10 osteotide
Ossotide medication belongs to the skeletal muscle system. Ossotide 2015 sales amounted to 3 billion 665 million yuan, the market share accounted for 3.02%, an increase of 11.56%. In all production enterprises Ossotide in the top two and the annual sales volume of over 1 billion are Heilongjiang revod (West Ruo Fei), Harbin Pharmaceutical (triple gold mark Lek), the cumulative 67.17% share of the market.
TOP10 production enterprise of biological products in 2015
Biological products contain huge market opportunities, and more and more enterprises have invested in the research and development of biological products. Which enterprises occupy the dominant position of the biologics market? According to CMH data, the top 10 of the sales scale of biological products reached 48 billion 250 million yuan, accounting for 39.82% of the bio products market.
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